CARTER SCHOOL OF DANCE (established 1980)

Graded Ballet Classes

Vocational Ballet Classes

Vocational classes follow the Royal Academy of Dance's Vocational Syllabus.  At Carter School of Dance we offer Vocational Ballet Classes from RAD Intermediate Foundation to Advanced One.

These classes are taken in conjunction with the Graded Ballet Classes, but the exams themselves are usually taken at the Royal Academy of Dance Headquarters

in Battersea.  Vocational classes are by invitation.

Carter School of Dance Ltd.

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At Carter School of Dance, we teach the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus for ballet.  Classes range from Nursery ballet, through Pre-Primary and Primary, and then Grades 1 through to 8.

When children have studied the syllabus and are considered ready, they may be entered for Royal Academy of Dance examinations at the discretion of their ballet teacher.  Alternatively, they may be entered for a Royal Academy of Dance Class Award (Grades 1-5) or Presentation Class (Grades 6-7 and 8).

Graded Examinations, Class Awards and Presentation Classes usually take place at Sele School or at another local venue.