CARTER SCHOOL OF DANCE (established 1980)

Carter School of Dance Ltd.

Registered No. 06830182



Acro is a great subject to complement a student’s dance skills.   It helps develop balance, strength and flexibility.  Children begin by learning basic tumbles and balances, and once mastered, continue through to complex tricks and acrobatic floor work.   This is a fun lesson, where children can develop at their own pace.   As each trick is mastered children gain a real sense of achievement which is highly motivating.   This is a great subject for those considering a career in dance as it gives the dancer another ‘string to their bow’.


Pilates for Dancers

The technique of mat based Pilates is taught by a qualified Instructor, with special focus on Dance.  We run both Senior and Junior classes.  Flexibility and Core Strength are the main goals.


Adult Daytime Classes (Contemporary)

See separate "Light Years" page.