CARTER SCHOOL OF DANCE (established 1980)

 Carter School of Dance Ltd.

 Registered No. 06830182

At Carter School of Dance we endeavour to create possibility to explore the art of dance for all participants, who wish to gain skills and learning in dance.  At the core of our school lies the desire to offer to all people, regardless of nationality, race, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, religion, the opportunity to gain enjoyment and confidence from their personal dance experience. 

The school aims to teach the principles of sound technique to achieve a strong standard as it is attainable for each individual.  Carter School of Dance will encourage the progression of balletic training through the structured syllabi of the Royal Academy of Dance; it will encourage the progression of modern and tap training through the structured syllabi of the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance.  Where appropriate, information to particularly gifted pupils on how to pursue their talent via scholarships and specialist schools will be made available.

At Carter School of Dance we aim to develop the self expression of the individual and to encourage the love of dance and an appreciation of music and the integral part it plays in dance training.

Professional Practice complies with the Codes of Practice from the Royal Academy of Dance, and the Foundation for Community Dance.  It follows recommended practice by the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance.  Whereby, we commit to uphold the standards of the profession and commit to continuing professional development.  

Our Safety Policy

At Carter School of Dance we endeavour to ensure that every individual participant enjoys their dancing in an environment that provides for their personal safety.  All teachers have a personal responsibility to comply with relevant statutory or legal requirements and safeguard their own and others' legal, civil and human rights.  The teachers will comply with statutory requirements affecting Health and Safety at work, and ensure the provision of adequate insurance to cover the work that they do.

The teachers also understand the legal obligations when working with children or vulnerable adults, and ensure that the relevant CRB disclosure is made when appropriate.  At all times Carter School of Dance and its teachers will encourage participants and parents of participants to take an active responsibility for their own welfare, actions and behaviour.

Equality and Diversity:

The Company (Carter School of Dance) is committed to the principle that no pupil, carer, supplier, employee or job applicant shall receive unfavourable treatment on grounds of race, religious beliefs, sex, sexual orientation, age, marital status, or disability.

A full copy of this policy is available from Mrs. Crowley (Director, Carter School of Dance)